Junkee: ‘The gay community’s response to Looking’

‘The gay community’s response to Looking says more about us than it does about the show’ was published in Junkee on 13 March 2015.

When Looking first aired in January last year, a friend and I made a date to sit down and watch it together. It would be an event. We’d drink boutique cider and live-tweet the whole thing, making snarky comments about who we’d rather bang. The HBO show about three gay men living in San Francisco, our holiest of gay holy sites, would be just what we always wanted.

Around 10 minutes into the first episode I’d answered one question (Murray Bartlett’s character Dom), but otherwise I came away from Looking having the sense that I should have connected with it more. Expecting the show to be either a revelation or a crushing disappointment, vague dissatisfaction wouldn’t make for a good tweet.

I wasn’t the only one with high expectations. In the months following Looking’s premiere, gays better able than me to express their feels about the show vomited copious opinion pieces about it all over the internet. Too white. Too homogenous. Too boring. Too specific. Too tokenistic. Too out-of-touch. Every gay and his gay uncle had opinions about why Looking does or doesn’t work.

Read the full article in Junkee.

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