SBS Online: ‘They’re queerer than your average bear’

‘They’re queerer than your average bear’ was published in SBS Online on 3 March 2016.

Asked to describe what a ‘bear’ is, Jeff Hadland responds: “Well, it’s probably a state of mind.”

“It tends to be a furry person that has generally a full figure… I guess they’re a little more open, accepting, friendly.”

Hadland is visiting Sydney for Bear Essentials, a mini-festival run concurrently with Mardi Gras by Harbour City Bears, Sydney’s bear organisation. He’s at the opening night of the festival, where the city’s bears and their international guests (Hadland is from the US) have gathered at Kinselas, a bar on Taylor Square in the middle of Sydney’s gaybourhood.

Read the full article in SBS Online.

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